Friday, September 06, 2002

Whenever I feel impressed by anyone to such an extent that I find myself giving them too much respect, and in fact reverence, I cure this behavior by my imagination. Just as speakers are told to imagine the entire audience naked (or in some cases, like at Steak Conventions, simply badly dressed) so that they will not be intimidated, I cure my own intimidation by imaging the person in question pooping. It is a simple fact of life that no matter how great a person may be, that person will still have to take a crap at least once a day. I imagine great thinkers like Plato and I feel weak-minded and insignificant in comparison, and this sort of thinking is detrimental to being a productive student. So I simply picture Plato hunched over a toilet seat, his face screwed up in concentration as he struggles to squeeze out that one last turd that just won't drop. The same applies to all the great and famous people, and allows me to have the brazen self-confidence/foolhardiness that makes me notorious.