Friday, August 23, 2002

Well, it's been quite awhile, but I don't care. I'm finally back in blissful Blakeland (read: St. John's), pretending to be a serious human being. All the people at school seem to like me more this year, and my friends are here for the most part and this makes me happy. The best part is that all my classes are full of awesome people and only one lame person has made an appearance so far, and that was discreet!

My time in Chicago with Cecily was great. Suffice it to say that I'd like to see her again soon.

I had an insanely cool dream last night and I wrote it all down and it's either going to become a novel or a movie. I woke up this morning ten minutes early and when I went back to sleep (for just ten minutes, mind you) I dreamt that my mom came home with an Ingmar Bergman movie called "Waking Up," and we watched it. It was about a guy named Jack. He wakes up in a field with rubble strewn all over, thunderous explosions in the distance, and three or four people standing over him with a horse and a gun. It's that part of waking up where you don't remember much and you're trying to figure out what's going on (I think Jack got hit on the head or something), and so Jack says, "What's going on?" As things occur, however, he slowly recalls what's going on, since none of the people will tell him. They stand him up and start to march him off to who-knows-where, and he recalls that these people are rebels and therefore his enemies. He realizes he is about to die, when all of a sudden one of the UFOs that has been flying about blowing shit up (hence the thunderous explosions) comes by and destroys the rebels, horse included. Jack is unperturbed by this, because he recalls this as being part of his life as well, though he is somewhat confused. When the UFO lands and his friend comes from inside it, Jack asks him, "I understand why you killed the horse, but why the people?"
His friend looks at him funny and says, "C'mon, Jack, you know. They had yellow cards."
And bang, it hits Jack and he remembers suddenly that the world is run by computers that decide whether or not people should live or die, based on whether or not they are "for us" or "against us." Those who die are assigned yellow cards, and it is the duty of the secret agents, of whom Jack is a member, to kill them. Jack is very perturbed by this, because as his friend says, "They had yellow cards, so they must have been our enemies," Jack remembers that his friend was assigned a yellow card that morning and he has to kill him now.

That's when I woke up. Anyway, I've worked out the whole story, kickass metaphysical metaphors included, and it's gonna be coolio.

Now, I'm off. Time waits for no man, and it only lingers in my case.