Friday, August 02, 2002

Oh. It worked afterall. Yay.
So I wrote a bunch of crap tonight and now when I tried to load the blogger thing broke and I lost it all and now I hate Blogspot more than ever. It was really good stuff too and I should feel compelled to rewrite it. But I have to go eat dinner now.
Health News: Sleepy after another day at work. I sleep too much. Have diluted my concern over this with the lame-ass explanation that it is due to diabetes.

I discovered today that one of my favorite co-workers is a "die-hard Christian." I think it's unfair that Jesus has already snatched up all the really cool followers. People think cults are inherently bad, but it's the followers that make the cult. If Jesus didn't have such a monopoly on cool people, I bet cults would be doing a lot better.

If my co-workers are die-hard Christians, I might consider not making my blog so offensive. But then there's the argument that I've always made behind my balustrade of inanity that I'm not the one who is causing offense, but rather the person who allows themselves ot be offended. It's not my fault if certain things offend a person, but rather that person's fault. Frankly, nothing should offend anyone, so if anyone is offended, it's his or her fault.

I imagine my co-workers are discovering by reading this blogspot to what extent I restrain myself when I'm at Starbucks. I swear a lot less when I'm typing, too. I imagine Sarah might be reading this blog and thinking to herself, "Hey, these are all things that he already said at Starbucks tonight." Tough. Anyway, I've never really worried about anyone condemning me for this blogspot, but in retrospect my personality at work is slightly different from my personality elsewhere, so I wonder if my vocational companions will be offput by any of this. I suppose it doesn't really matter, though.

I've grown addicted to playing ninja. I did it again the night before last and enjoyed myself crawling over brick walls high off the ground, evading cars and climbing on the roof of a school near my house. The climbing part is the best, and ever since I started these midnight romps I've always wanted to transcend someone's home roof, but I haven't yet. I'm worried about being shot.

I'm going to go eat dinner now. Yay, leftovers.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

So I discovered today that some of the people at Starbucks actually read my weblog. This disturbed me enough that I almost felt compelled to change some of the things I'd written, but suddenly I've opted not to because I don't see the point in trying to hide the things I've said that are either true or just goofy. If it's true, why try and lie? if it's a goofy lie, why spoil the joke? I'm pretty sure there aren't any good honest "real" lies in this Blog, so no harm no foul. No sense starting now.

Hey, that almost rhymed.

Got addicted onto a new song today: It goes something like "Happines is a warm gun." I'm sure a lot of readers will recognize that, and although it's not new to me, my admiration for it is. I have to go to the super awesome KEXP website ( to look it up on their playlist archives. Incidentally, not only does KEXP offer live digital broadcasts of their music and live programming over the internet (read: listen to the radio on your computer anywhere in the world) but they also have archived shows (including an interview with the great lord Saul Williams) and a complete itinerary of all the music they've ever played, sorted by time and date, and updated on the hour every hour. So since I heard "happiness is a warm gun" at 2:30 today, I'll go look it up on the playlist log and find out the artist, title, album, etc. Just further proof of why KEXP rocks so much and why everyone should listen.

I've developed a bizarre hobby. I like to dress in simple, flexible clothes, conceal some sort of sword (usually a wooden one) on my person, and roam around the streets on long walks late at night. I think it's sort of like playing ninja, except I have yet to start climbing on peoples' rooves. I don't know why I carry the weapons, except to add a sort of tangy flavor to the whole adventure, or perhaps out of paranoia. I have to watch out for cops, too, 'cause I'm sure they'd bust me even for carrying just a boken, let alone my cane sword or the Toledo saber (which is dull and can't slice cheese, but heavy steel nonetheless).

Even without backflips, alley fights and cat burglarees, late night treks offer up interesting things. The first time I did it, I walked through a neighborhood of partially completed and fully completed houses. I almost went into one house that wasn't done yet to look around, but I didn't want to trip any alarms so I avoided it. It was almost like walking through a ghost town. A few blocks further on, deep in Bothell Suburbia, I passed someone gardening their flowers at 10:30 PM. It was almost fully dark but she seemed to be weeding something. I didn't bother her.

The night before last, when I went out walking again, I passed by the local football/baseball field and saw a bunch of people/kids cleaning up after the game. Mind you, it was almost dark, and I saw only a girl, so naturally I said something stupid to her and I'm pretty sure I creeped her out. When I left, I then noticed other people around picking up trash under the bright white lights of the field. It was only about 9 PM though, so it wasn't that odd for them to be out. Later on, in retrospect, I decided that it had been a bad idea to talk to the girl. I realized that my only intention had been to prove to myself that I was unafraid to initiate a conversation, and it never occurred to me that I'd scare her. She seemed like to be only 15 or so, so that makes me a creepy jerk, and not simply a jerk. Note that the difference has to do wtih pedophilia and perceived age differences.

So that's what I'll probably do after I finish writing this crap here tonight. This girl I met the other week hasn't emailed me back yet. I picked her up at a bus stop and gave her a ride home (it was a random, wonderful encounter... it's nice to meet strangers you like), and we had a delightful conversation, I got her e-mail address, and yet have had no luck afterward. It's unfortunate, too, because I'm leaving for college again next weekend. I'll be leaving on Saturday and spending about six days in Chicago before moving on to Annapolis. I'm not sure where I'll spend three of those days in Chicago, either, since Cecily is leaving on the 15th and my train doesn't leave until the 18th. Are there other Johnnies in Chicago? One of my work partners at Starbucks said she'd ask her dad, which makes her twice as awesome as ever, but she might continue to forget to do that. Oh well, if worse comes to worse, I'll sleep in Union Station.

I remember Cecily said once that she didn't like doing blogs because they didn't have the privacy of a diary and so she felt like she would have to curb what she said. I enjoy blogs because they give me a feeling of immunity to allow me to say what I like. This is being nullified to a degree now that my partners at Starbucks may be reading, since that immunity came from not actually having to talk about the things I write. I've resolved not to let this impinge my freedom of speech here, however, and so now vulgarities:

Health News: Have apparently been slightly sunburned at the baseball game yesterday. Everyone says the glow to my face makes me look healthier. I'm still as sexy as ever, I think. Athlete's foot persists but seems less itchy today. Belly button lint is growing elusive, so I'm putting the 'pillow project' on hold.

Sports News: I haven't been able to fence at all since last Tuesday, due to a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera on Thursday and a Baseball game on Tuesday. I'll be able to fence tomorrow night, though. I've been persistently practicing my lunges and I feel like my footwork may be improving through healing. By the way, since this is sports news, I should mention the Mariners won 5-4 against the Tigers from I think Kansas City or some hick town like that... It was a good game that stretched into overtime.

Soul News (in three parts):
1) Reason: I've concluded that I'm an idiot and therefore all my previous conclusions are silly.
2) Spirit: Due to the lackluster performance of Reason, spirit is lagging and so falling under the sway of desire.
3) Desire: Pulling me in many directions. I watched Animal House tonight and contemplated getting drunk at school next year, diabetes be damned. I've also contemplated seeking out easy chicks tonight while I go for my walk. Chocolate binges and fast food outings are becoming more frequent. Desire must be reined in soon, and either Spirit or Reason have to get off their asses.

Movie News: I watched Animal House tonight. John Belushi has inspired me somewhat and planted the dreams of becoming a comedian more firmly in my mind. Great underwear scenes, and that one bit where the girl starts masterbating in her under before Belushi falls down the ladder is totally sweet.

I bet that this won't publish, like my last three posts.

Monday, July 29, 2002

I hate blogspot. As soon as school starts I'm going to stop writing this crap, it's too much of an hassle.
So I got a call tonight from some friends of mine and I had to change some things I wrote in an earlier post from a few weeks back.

I need to get some athlete's foot spray or something.

Anyway, Blogspot sucks. I just saw that movie Memento. That's not how I would die if I went into a diabetic shock. It's anything but a peaceful descent into oblivion.

My future roomate called and told me he'd finally gotten a finalization on our apartment and what not. I say yippee. My back hurts. Too many lunges today, I think.