Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Yesterday was my birthday. I went to work, then to fencing. I got a card from my work partners, and my step dad gave me a wooden boken (an oak sword). At my fencing Salle, Wang Yung gave me his old practice mask for target practice and a bag to carry my crap in, since he was sick of seeing my lug things around in paper bags. Howard bought me dinner in China town and entertained me with real world tales of the Chinese mafia (some of which was apparently enjoying roast duck a few tables down). When I got home, I saw that the front door was open and there was a glow of candles coming from the living room. Sure enough, inside I found my mom and brother with a large cake bedecked with candles sitting on top of an impressively large gift box. The cake was decorated with tanks and missile launchers and painted camouflage colors, and it said "Congratulations, Blake, on turning 18!" and on the side it said "Be All You Can Be." My mom and brother told me college was too expensive and I have to join the army now.

The gift was less impressive than the box, however, although nicely functional. My mom bought me many plates and silverware and a cooking pan and such things as to make moving into an off campus apartment a little easier. I must say I'm much more pleased with the wooden boken, but I imagine in a few months I'll be appreciating these gifts more.

So, I'm 18 now. None of the wild pornographic experiences that I was expecting have occurred now that I'm of legal age, nor have I gone to any strip clubs or bought any tobacco. Mostly I've just enjoyed my one day off by watching movies all morning and playing with my practice sabre (not the boken). I should take care of some errands and do the dishes.

Health News: Athletes foot itches like mad. Perhaps I ought to buy some of that stuff they advertise on TV.

Music News: Black Box Recorder is super cool. Arlo is pretty cool, and Pedro the Lion is real cool.

Movie News: Just watched The Emporer and the Assassin. A super good movie, with lots of cool politics and drama and stuff. No wild kung fu, but at least one good bit of sword play. Lacks the subtle nipple shots that are the trade mark of great Asian dramas like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Comes highly recommended as a good film, however.

Must go do things worth my time, now.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Well, it's been a bit. My birthday is in two days, not that I'll be doing much. Just work and fencing. I have a faint hope that Cecily might call, but that amounts to little in any case since I have to work all day and then fence all night.

I have to work 11 hours tomorrow. It's going to be a sweet ordeal of making lattes all day... time to push it to the limit. Oooh yeah.

Health News: I have a nasty habit of picking at the skin on my upper arms where I think acne might be hiding, and I always end up with scabs, whether there is actually a zit or not. Also, the skin on my forehead seems to be awfully greasy and I imagine it might start breaking out soon, and I blame the length of my hair. The hair over one's forehead apparently can trap grease and oil near the skin and cause break outs.

I saw a totally cute girl at Starbucks today while I was making drinks, and I think she did that thing girls do that they call "giving you the eye." Whatever, I felt flirted with by the way she was looking at me, and I'd be glad to boink her any day. Assuming, that is, she isn't one of those girls who seems cute and then turns out to be freakishly ugly (like that blonde chick in American Beauty... she was hot until you realized she wasn't).

Thursday night I'm going to go see a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera... my mom bought me tickets for my birthday. I still need to invite Will, and I'm still waiting for Ethan to call me back (he's gone until Wednesday), and otherwise I don't think I'll take anyone with me. But it would be cool to get poon in a theater, so maybe if one of my friends doesn't come I'll invite a chick.

I have to go write poetry, though. I was putting it off to check my email, and then got stuck wasting my time with you chowder dicks.