Monday, July 15, 2002

Spontaneous rhyming.
Ooh yeah. I'm feeling groovy right now. Time to lay down a lesson, and I'm stressin' undressin' for the women in the crowd, shout out loud and wave those tits now, and say "Boo yeah!" and shake your bootay, come on baby, do your duty.
If I was black, I'd be a rapper, I think.

Masturbation is an enjoyable activity, but unlike many other enjoyable activities it cannot be enjoyed while doing other things. For example, I cannot eat my sandwich while masturbating, nor can I go to a movie, or hackey sack, or fence. I can't even do necessary functions, like wash the dishes or clean my room or even go to the bathroom. When you come right down to it, masturbation is a pleasurable activity that literally consumes time for itself, and is in that sense a complete waste of time.

Speaking of my sandwich though, I think I'll go eat it right now. Of course, I CAN do that while writing.

Speaking of my sandwich, again, that reminds me of Starbucks, 'cause that's where I got it. I think there must be at least two chicks at Starbucks who have a crush on me now, which is kind of cool. I only say they dig me 'cause one asked me to go with her to the Seattle Art Museum, and the other gave me her shift on Friday because she "wanted me to have it." Now, I know that's a kind of thin reasoning, but I really don't see how they could not be atttracted to me in the first place. Us super sexy ninja-cool mo'fos are born dripping pheremones and are blessed with an innate knowledge of Casanova mastery. We is the needle, and the ladies are addicted.

Damned morals would keep me from initiating any sort of fling, however, unless of course they dig the whole mindless anal sex thing. I'd be into that. Anal, though, 'cause I want to stay a virgin.