Tuesday, July 09, 2002

My mom has left me alone in the house for the whole week. She has to stay with a friend at her school in downtown Seattle, rather than face the commute all week as she takes classes from 9 to 5 each day. Living alone in a house is totally sweet. I have to go shopping soon.

I wish people would comment at my website more often. I try to say controversial shit to spark arguments, but no one seems to bite very much. Here's something my cat wrote earlier while I was away from the keyboard: "D123qw3" Cool, huh?

Tupac is cool. Was. Whatever. If I was black and I had a small penis, I would pray to have a penis like Tupac's. I imagine he must have had a large penis, since all famous people do. Except famous women. Famous women have big mouths (to accomodate big penises, I imagine).

Tonight after we finished fencing, Howard and I went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. The waitress was totally hot, and apparently used to date Howard's girlfriend's brother... But since he was Chinese, he couldn't deal with her Japanese loyalty (or something like that). Asian people rock. Their girls are super duper hot, they know all sorts of cool ways to kick the shit out of stuff, and they're all really good at math. They're even genetically superior. One time, my friend Yuki beat me in a foot race while wearing a backpack AND running backwards.

I think my cat has worms. He eats too much, too often. I always say I hope he dies, but I probably will miss him... a bit. I'm more of a dog person, but I like cuddly, playful dogs, not dogs with fetal alcohol syndrome (which is what my dog seems to suffer from).

Anyway, I've decided that I'm not going to masturbate tonight, so I'm trying to think of things to do. I guess I'll go shopping (soon as my cookie is done baking).

Ciao, fuckheads.