Saturday, June 29, 2002

Washington News: Today was a day of impressively sunny, cool weather. Blake Kiltoff was sighted venturing forth from his house late in the afternoon, and many speculate he must have spent the morning sleeping or writing a letter to his lady love Cecily Martin, who as rumors would have it, is involved in a love tryste in France. He did go directly to the post office to mail a letter, and then he took his dog to the park. Onlookers were astonished to see that he did not bother to pick up his dog's feces, but instead allowed the brute beast to run free and dive into the waters of the Bothell Landing, where many ducks, pigeons and roosters were disturbed. Other sightings of the elusive Kiltoff indicate that he was a full twenty miles away at the home of his reclusive father James Kiltoff, digging post holes for a fence and listening to his father rant about the tedious details of the news. No living eye witnesses have been found at this time who can testify to the actual location of Blake at this moment.

Health News: I got a nasty plastic splinter in my finger from the post hole digger today, and it took me about half an hour to get out. Splinters are a bitch because they are always sore a few hours later. My toes always itch and I don't know why. Maybe I need foot cream?

I found some really bad pictures of myself in old yearbooks earlier. Made me laugh. I looked like such a dork, and since I know I haven't gotten more adept at maintaining my personal appearance, I know I must be Kerne-ishly freaky looking now. Me and Kerne should hang out. I should get a big staff with bells on it, like the one that the Zen Monk carries in "Duel to the Death," and Kerne could carry his little stick around. Then we could have kickass ninja battles.

I saw Amelie last night. It was a beautiful film. I want to buy some CDs but I don't want to spend money. I should go hang out with chicks and get some pussy or something, life is dull, Starbucks is boring. The female form has started to haunt my dreams as well as my waking thoughts and so I'm worried that soon I will lose control. I'm being stalked by the phantasms of the girls I've been in love with in the past, and I find myself pulling odd detours through neighborhoods I never frequent but I know "they" do.

Speaking of them, "THEM!" is a good movie. It's about giant ants.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Well, it's been a while, but I've been busy. I don't think I'll do a blog right now... too tired. Too much work.

Health news: itchy around toes, think foot fungus/athletes foot has returned. Acne acting up; need to exercise more to feel better and control diabetes.

Starbucks fucked me over today. I'm not supposed to work Tuesday nights, but they took advantage of my virtue and kindness to get me to work tomorrow night anyway.

Real Ultimate Power is funny...